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Yeah, you heard it right you Yutz! Now set down, shut up, and listen to the story, Capeesh?-

Picture It. The Internet. 2003...ah what the hell am I saying?

Welcome to Simply Sophia. Yeah that's right, Simply Sophia. 100% dedicated to the hit 1980's sitcom 'The Golden Girls' character Sophia Petrillo and the actress that played her part so well, Estelle Getty. On this site you will learn about Sophia by reading her Character Profile, get insulted by reading her famous Quotes, get even more Petrillo'd by listening to her hilairious ways on the Downloads page, and laugh yourself silly by looking at Photos of her in some of the most silliest moments. Also, learn more about the incredible actress who portrayed her, Estelle Getty. Read her Biography, check out her impressive Filmography, read the Latest News on her, view her list of Awards and Nominations, and view photos from our extensive Photo Gallery. Enjoy the site, and please don't forget to sign the Guestbook, or else you'll get a Sicillian curse put on you!!...=)

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